According to the US Department of Energy, the amount of sunlight that strikes the earth in just one hour and a half is sufficient to handle the entire world’s energy consumption for an entire year.  



Solar technology has made considerable advancement since Charles Fritts first developed the photovoltaic cells in 1883.  Manufacturers now produce solar panels that can capture and convert solar energy at a superior efficiency than ever before.  You can now generate all the power you need at your location and it is clean, free, and in abundance. 




As technology improved, the world has seen a rapid expansion of use of solar energy.  Manufacturers have set up large production facilities, thereby reducing the cost of the solar panel. These panels come with performance warranties upto 25 years.  Additionally, you do not pay for transmission and distribution. Homeowners and Businesses can now reduce the cost of producing the energy you need. With lower installation cost, you can get free energy for years, saving you thousands of dollars a year.  



With net-metering, you can supply the excess energy you may generate back into the grid, and consume it at night.  This allows for you to reduce your electric bill even further. Most utilities in the country buy back energy. This means that you can generate a source of income if you have substantial space available to install the solar panels. 






Using renewable energy reduces your dependency on polluting fossil fuel.  Cleaner air and water means better living conditions, which thereby reduces health risks.  Every 1 Kw of solar energy generated reduce CO2 emission by .  In a year a typical household consumes 10,000 kwh a year.  Using Solar Energy will reduce CO2 emission by    



Current buyers are looking for energy efficient homes. They willing to pay a premium for homes that generate its own electricity.  The premiums often well exceed the cost of installation.  They see it as being environmentally friendly as well as having a reduced cost of electricity. As more millennials become homebuyers, properties that are not energy-efficient do not sell as fast as those that are.




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Steps to clean energy


Due Diligence

Every situation is somewhat different than others. The requirement differs, the amount of quality space available may differ, the goal of the property owner may be different.  Each of these need to analyzed, property needs to be surveyed, options evaluated   before starting on the project



Designing a system is easy; designing the right system requires knowledge and understanding of how each component aligns with the long term needs and the goal of the installation.  The choices are many.  The system needs to be engineered to offer the best performance and return on investment



Installation is the easiest part as long as you follow the process. Once the optimal configuration is designed and the location is evaluated for structural integrity, the installation is straight forward. Most of the components come in a plug-and-play mode.  




As a property owner, you have the option of monitoring the performance of your solar system.  However, you can also have us monitor your panel system performance to track any anomalies in any of the component performance.  

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