Little About Us


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We are a company founded on our belief that we all need to do our bit to help the society. 

Our goal is to help build a better and healthier society with clean energy.  

We will offer the best technologies and solar power system design.

We will stand behind our work and provide warranties on products and installations.

Customer Satisfaction is paramount to us, and we will do everything to earn it.

We are a bunch of passionate individuals working together to help save the planet

We believe each of us should do our bit in reversing the trend in global warming and help in recovery our planet.

We are engineers at heart and seek to design for the best outcome of each customer.  We continuously research for the best products that offer the highest level of efficiencies. We design systems that are optimized to meet the needs of our customers.

At Texan Solar, our goal is to help you be energy efficient and carbon neutral.  Renewable energy can deliver all of your energy needs at a price point that is comparable if not lower than fossil fuel based energy.  It means less pollution, cleaner air and water supply. In addition to your own family, you may even contribute to making your community and the society at large live healthier lives.

We believe our customers should have the widest range of options at an affordable price.

We have partnerships with best-in-class manufacturers to offer our customers the latest products and the widest range of design options.  We source our products in bulk in order to offer our customers the best price for a given configuration of systems.  The systems are custom designed to your specific situation to offer you the best total value. 


Customer Satisfaction is paramount to us.

Founded by engineers with over 50 years’ experience we believe customer satisfaction is the only way to success and we will do everything to earn yours. We have a highly professional crew of installers and offer warranty on our work.  

Our approach is straight forward:

  1. We will discuss with you your specific goals and discuss your critical needs
  2. We will survey and analyze the property where the solar system is to be installed
  3. We will design the entire system specific to your needs
  4. We will offer you with 2 or 3 alternate options that may merit a consideration. This may not be possible in all cases
  5. We will provide you all the information you would need to make an informed decision
  6. We will apply for and handle the permit and clearance requirement with the local government( city/town) and from your local utility company
  7. We will being work based on your schedule upon receipt of these permits
  8. Once the installation is complete, we will have the local utility company connect it to the grid
  9. We offer warranty on our work and will pass through all of the product warranties
  10. We have arrangement with banks to offer independent third party financing if you would like for your project