Designing your solar energy system to maximize savings and return on investment

Installing a solar energy system is relatively straightforward. 

it is the design that makes the difference. 




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Having the right system configuration and using the right components to best serve your needs will help maximize the value you derive. Experts can help you with the detailed analysis of your needs and constraints, design the right system for you, and help you realize more value faster.

How does one decide on what kind of solar system do they go for?

There are several things to consider:

What are you installing the solar system for?  Is the objective to reduce your electric bill or is it to generate as much power as possible?

Is the goal to go completely off the power grid?

How much power are you consuming today?  Is it expected to go up or down in the future?

How much direct sunlight space do you have for installation?  How many hours of unobstructed sunlight do you get? 

If you plan to install it on the roof, is your roof structurally sound? 

There are several different configurations, each with its own advantage and short-comings. Smaller systems can be built using a single central inverter, however larger systems need to use string-based or micro-inverters.



Steps to your clean energy home


Due Diligence

Every situation is somewhat different than others. The requirement differs, the amount of quality space available may differ, the goal of the property owner may be different.  Each of these need to analyzed, property needs to be surveyed, options evaluated   before starting on the project


Engineering & DESIGN

Designing a system is easy; designing the right system requires knowledge and understanding of how each component aligns with the long term needs and the goal of the installation.  The choices are many – panels, inverters, performance warranties.  The system needs to be engineered to offer the best performance and return on investment



Installation is the easiest part as long as you follow the process. Once the optimal configuration is designed and the location is evaluated for structural integrity, the installation is straight forward. Most of the components come in a plug-and-play mode.  



As a property owner, you have the option of monitoring the performance of your solar system.  However, you can also have us monitor your panel system performance to track any anomalies in any of the component performance.  

Contact us for a free evaluation of your property for solar installation options, system design, cost and savings estimates.  We will share with you the merits of each design option and help you make an informed decision.  Our goal is to offer you the best range of options leveraging our ecosystem of global suppliers.